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Prithvi CleanTech is one of the biggest organisation in India for E-waste Management. Here, we work tirelessly to cultivate the essence out of the resources by recycling the waste products, through the use of creative and environment-friendly technologies.


Try to reduce the amount of waste you produce, as this is the best way to help the environment! If you cannot avoid producing the waste.


This enables the materials you throw away to be used again by making them into new products.


You could reuse something, like shredding paper for your hamster rather than buying bedding or saving glass jars for storage.

About Us

Our mission is to keep as much electronic waste from ending up in local landfills as we can

  • We aim to turn E-waste into useful resources, through the use of innovative environment-friendly technologies.
  • We believe in the true potential of the 3 R's & aim to bring it forward for extraordinary uses & for everyone to see.
  • We hope to become a world-class organisation & provide the highest quality services & solutions for management & recycling of E-waste.
  • And to protect the mother Earth by keeping it clean & harvesting resources in a natural way.
  • We strictly abide by the principle of 3 R's, by employing environment-friendly techniques only.
  • We add value to the resources, which people throw away as waste materials.
  • We believe in working to provide the maximum level of consumer-satisfaction.

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